Interworld Freight in the Dominican Republic now AEO-certified

Photographed above is (L-R) Gabino Polanco (DGA Subdirector), Enrique A. Ramirez (DGA Director), Leonardo Ocampo (Interworld Freight Country Manager) and Ana Hinojosa (World Customs Organization).

Interworld Freight in the Dominican Republic has been certified as a Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) by OEA (Operador Economico Autorizado).

Country Manager Leonardo Ocampo says: “Interworld Freight is committed and always looking to provide the highest safety standards worldwide. For this reason, our Dominican Republic office has worked hard to fulfil all the requirements established by the customs authorities of the country and we are proud to announce that we have been certified as a Authorised Economic Operator (AEO).”

An AEO is defined by the WCO (World Customs Organization) as a party involved in the international movement of goods that has been approved by a national Customs administration as complying with WCO or equivalent supply chain security standards. This means that our company is internationally recognised as a mark of quality. An AEO status effectively demonstrates our role within the international supply chain is secure, and that our customs controls and procedures are efficient and compliant.