Jettainer chosen by CMA CGM Air Cargo

Jettainer and CMA CGM Air Cargo

Jettainer has been chosen by CMA CGM Air Cargo to deliver unit load device (ULD) management and maintenance services. Under the five year contract, Jettainer will provide global positioning, management, maintenance, and repair services for the fleet of a few thousands ULDs.

In addition, CMA CGM Air Cargo will also benefit from Jettainer’s monitoring and a high quality of location data, so that the ULDs find their way from their forwarders back to the cargo airline and are, therefore, always available, even for short-term charter flights.

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Launched in March 2021, CMA CGM Air Cargo is a French airline designed to complement the overall suite of transportation and logistics solutions offered by the CMA CGM Group. CMA CGM Air Cargo operates a modern and long-range capacity fleet of four Airbus A330-200F, complemented by two recently acquired Boeing 777F aircraft, which will grow to 12 aircraft by 2026.

Altogether, Jettainer will provide and manage a dedicated fleet of a few thousands ULDs, primarily pallets, for CMA CGM Air Cargo. By deploying Jettainer’s professional management service and most advanced steering technology that meets the airline’s high standards in the IT landscape, the industry expert will make ULD fleet operation even more efficient and create greater transparency along the entire value chain. This and the high quality of the location data also allows Jettainer to know where the ULDs have remained, even if they are with the forwarder and not in the immediate presence of the airline.

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In this way, Jettainer can ensure that CMA CGM Air Cargo pallets are available in sufficient quantities even for charter flights at short notice. Furthermore, high transparency and process expertise also enable Jettainer to optimise repair handling. This, and access to Jettainer’s global repair network, can ensure operational stability, reduce lead times, and avoid unnecessary positioning.

“With our global team and integrated and intelligent IT solutions, we are able to offer the most efficient ULD management service, guaranteeing the availability of ULDs, reducing costs and additionally contributing to more transparency in the value chain. We are pleased to be able to support CMA CGM AIR CARGO‚Äôs ambitious growth plans with our ULD service,” Thomas Sonntag, managing director of Jettainer GmbH, said.