Jettainer launches JettCare staff awareness course


Jettainer will train thousands of ground service staff as part of its JettCare programme to create awareness for the value and importance of airfreight containers and pallets.

The outsourced unit load device (ULD) management company, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lufthansa Cargo, will make the staff ‘ULD-X-Perts’ by training them to handle ULDs correctly, prevent damages and understand the operational and financial effects of any faulty or missing ULDs. Those who successfully complete the training programme will receive a ‘ULD-X-Pert’ certificate.

Jettainer managing director, Carsten Hernig says: “The JettCare programme is enabling us to invest in sustainable ULD management and conserve resources. By creating awareness in ground handling staff, we will also reduce costs, which will, in turn, benefit our customers.”

In addition to the training course, Jettainer has created a mascot, JettJack, with stickers and comic-style callouts focused on handling ULDs properly to be trialled with two airlines before being rolled out to other customers.