KLM Cargo to move into new cargo sorting system at Schiphol


Over the next 12 months – KLM Cargo will start operating a new sorting system for handling express shipments and mail into operation at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Lödige Industries will start constructing the system in August 2016 and it is expected to be operational by mid-2017, Following the preparatory phase, KLM and Lödige have signed a contract.

KLM Cargo executive vice president, Marcel de Nooijer says: “KLM is investing in this innovative sorting system in order to further improve customer service. This will enable us to respond quickly to growth in the mail and express markets in particular.

“In choosing for Lödige Industries, we’ve chosen for a well-known company that specialises in infrastructural solutions in the airline industry.”

As a consequence of Schiphol building a new pier, one of KLM Cargo’s three cargo warehouses will be partially demolished, meaning KLM Cargo will have to be smart about how it uses the limited amount of space available.

Lödige is to provide the answer by integrating KLM Cargo’s existing processes for handing mail and express shipments into an automated solution in an innovative manner.

The challenge will be to house this in an area half the size of the existing space. In order to achieve this, Lödige Industries and Vanderlande Industries have teamed up so the KLM Cargo team could join forces with them.