Moscow Cargo opens as largest Russian air cargo complex


Moscow cargo, the air cargo operator of Moscow Sheremetyevo International airport has started commercial operation of the largest air cargo complex in Russia. Its 43,200 square metres have a handling capacity of 380,000 tonnes per year. Handling systems installed in the new cargo terminal allow automating at least 60 per cent of production processes.

Alexander Ponomarenko, chairman of the Sheremetyevo International board of directors, says: “The significant growth of cargo turnover at Sheremetyevo and the rising demands of cargo airlines comes from the global increase in air freight traffic volume. The strategic development goals of Sheremetyevo International airport are to establish itself as the leading European hub for global cargo flows. We face and welcome this challenge together with our key partners: Aeroflot, Volga-Dnepr Group and other cargo operators.

“By 2024, we expect to handle more than 700,000 tonnes of cargo annually. To achieve this ambitious goal, the engineering and construction of the second cargo terminal with a capacity of 380,000 tonnes per year is set to commence in 2018.”

The cargo complex launched at Sheremetyevo airport in the autumn is technically advanced and significantly exceeds the level of technical equipment at other similar facilities in Russia. The cargo complex is equipped with a unique system for automated storage and processing, manufactured by Lödige. Automation level of production processes reaches 60 per cent.

All cargo operations on domestic flights were successfully moved to the new terminal in just two months. The new cargo terminal handles about 250 tonnes of cargo per day. Additional staff training program on systems and equipment operation was introduced to instruct personnel on running machineries previously unfamiliar in Russia.

International flights will be gradually relocated to the new complex over the next few weeks.