Nigerian airport authority denies Ebola at Lagos Airport


The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has denied that an outbreak of Ebola is imminent at Murtala Muhammed Lagos Airport’s cargo terminal.

The authority has responded to local newspaper claims that the airport’s cargo terminal, also used for the pilgrims going on their Hajj to Mecca, is at risk because of what have been dscribed as, “deplorable conditions”.

According to FAAN, the terminal toilets that are identified by the newspapers as sources for possible Ebola infection, have been cleaned, contrary to the media’s claims that there has been no cleaning for weeks. FAAN says: “There is no doubt that the 39 toilet facilities (not 12 as claimed by the report) provided at the terminal could be overstretched when used by an average of 500 pilgrims per flight for about two weeks, but it was uncharitable to say that these toilet facilities were not cleaned throughout this period.”

FAAN says the allegations were published by Nigerian papers the National Tribune and Daily Independent. The authority also says that the allegations seem to be from an individual traveller who claims that others had approached the authorities about the facilities.

FAAN denies that the airport authorities were contacted. It stressed that all its terminals across Nigeria are safe, secure and in good hygienic condition.

“We consider any talk of impending outbreak of epidemic as not only misleading but also malicious”, the authority adds.


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