Pangea Group to hold 9th annual Freightcamp in Amsterdam this November


Around 200 independent freight forwarders from around the world will enjoy three days of networking in at the Novotel Amsterdam City hotel between November 3 to 5. The event will give all Pangea and Connecta members the possibility to promote their companies, to establish new contacts and to explore new business opportunities.

Companies attending Freightcamp will have the opportunity to participate in industry discussion panels and workshops that will enable professionals to share tips, experiences and connections. In addition to this, over 20 one-to-one sessions will be held over two days. Not everything will be meetings. Attendees can interact enjoying the night views of Amsterdam while taking an evening tour as well as dinner and cocktails on the final evening.

Amsterdam is set to host the event as Pangea notes: “it is one of the most relevant cities in Europe. It is a business hub and one of the best connected with excellent connection to rest of the world and is only 17km from the centre.”

The event is held by The Pangea group, which includes Pangea Logistics Network, an international network of general freight forwarders, and Connecta Airfreight Network, an international network of air freight forwarders. It now has 270 members operating from 400 bases in 100 countries, collectively handling over three million bookings per annum.