Pegasus widens its network


Pegasus Airlines has expanded its network with new routes in the African continent with two new destinations in Egypt. 

The additional destinations will potentially add to the airline’s network for the bellyhold cargo it carries onboard its fleet of Boeing 737-800. From 23 October, Pegasus will fly to both Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada from London to Hurghada via Istanbul.

Flights to Hurghada from Stansted Airport via Istanbul launch on 23 October, flying on Saturday. Pegasus will connect Sharm El Sheikh to 37 and Hurghada to 46 destinations.

With the addition of Sharm El Skeikh and Hurghada to its flight network, Pegasus now flies to a total of 86 destinations in 36 countries; 56 beyond Turkey and 30 within Turkey.

Pegasus’ chief commercial officer, Guliz Ozturk, spoke about what he claims is the secret of the airlines success at the 11th World Low Cost Airlines Congress, held in London.

He says: “”We adopted a multichannel strategy from the beginning in 2005 and then within two to three years we added GDS (Global Distribution System) into our channels. GDSs and agencies play an important role.”


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