Pharmaceutical industry reform organisation announces team leader for Audit & Certification work group


The Good Distribution Practice Universal Compliance Initiative (GDP-UCI), a global pharmaceutical supply chain reform project, has announced the appointment of Richard Peck as the team leader for its core Audit & Certification work group. Peck brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this role and will play a pivotal role in driving the organisation’s objectives forward.The GDP Universal Compliance Initiative (GDP-UCI) is a pragmatic, industry-led reform program aimed at companies, of any type, size or location, that are involved in, or affected by, the laws relating to the distribution of medicines and vaccines. It has a prime focus of facilitating and simplifying adherence to the various pharmaceutical GDP regulations and guidelines that are in place around the world with the objective of making regulatory conformance more consistent, efficient, and risk-free. The initiative is based around three Primary Work Groups: 1. Audit & Certification; 2. Training & Education; 3. Guidance & Solutions. Peck has worked in pharmaceuticals for over 22 years. Previously part of AstraZeneca’s Global Logistics Leadership Team, he is member of the PDA PCCIG steering committee and a member of the ISTA Pharma Committee Board as well as being a Trustee for a UK based charity. As the leader of the GDP-UCI Audit & Certification WorkGroup, Peck will initially manage two core GDP-UCI projects: a consolidated GDP Audit system and a universal GDP Certification program. “We are thrilled to welcome Richard to head up our Audit & Certification Work Group,” said Alan Kennedy Executive Director at GDP-UCI. “With Richard’s leadership skills and deep industry knowledge, we are confident that we can deliver some of the reforms and improvements that are badly needed in pharmaceutical distribution. As medicines and their supply chains become ever more complex, and with regulatory oversight being increasingly onerous and pervasive, our research has shown that patient safety can only be guaranteed if the system of regulatory conformance for medicines, vaccines and other health products is clarified and simplified”.According to Kennedy, GDP-UCI is not an attempt to rewrite the regulations relating to good distribution practice. Instead, its remit focuses on introducing new concepts for, firstly, achieving, demonstrating and recording GDP compliance, secondly, for generating meaningful GDP metrics for comparison, benchmarking and continuous improvement purposes, and thirdly for creating a more harmonised GDP training environment. “I am honoured and excited to lead the GDP-UCI Audit & Certification Work Group alongside such dedicated professionals within our industry,” said Richard. “Together, we are not only advancing the interests of all the different supply-chain stakeholders but, ultimately, those of the patients and end-users that depend on the safe and efficient delivery of vital medicines.”Peck appointment was ratified by the GDP-UCC Governance Council on 3rd July 2023 and the assignation is effective immediately.