‘Positive’ outlooks for ECS Group in 2019

ECS Group chief executive officer, Adrien Thominet

This year “already looks set to be a strong year for ECS Group,” says Adrien Thominet, CEO of ECS Group. He describes a “whole host of positive developments designed, as ever, to improve our performance and expand our network.”

The Paris-based GSA began a number of projects in the field of transformation in 2018, “many of which have already been completed, and others will very soon be added to our existing offerings,” he says.

With the implementation of decision-making tools, this year ECS Group aims to “go one step further” and take a new direction in its digital expansion, with all the positive impacts this brings for clients.

“The development of our TCM offering, including a contract with NokScoot launched on 1 January and a contract with TUI launched on 5 February, with the creation of TCE by ECS Group is a valuable new addition to our group, and 2019 is set to cement its long-term foundation. With TCE, we have significantly bolstered our operational expertise. Just like an airline, ECS Group is now capable of managing all operational aspects of cargo, most notably procedures linked to quality, safety and security, meaning that the services we provide bring real added value compared to our competitors,” says Thominet.

“From our perspective, while the Asian market shows some signs of weakness, there are currently no other signals that give reason to believe that the market will fall in 2019. In our view, these issues are isolated (Brexit and US/China trade tariffs in particular) rather than structural.”