Project Cargo Network: expertise is the key

Rachel Crawford

Established in 2010, Project Cargo Network (PCN) is an international organisation of heavy lift and project cargo specialists. PCN CEO, Rachel Crawford told ACW what she believes is the key to successful and safe transportation of oversized and heavy cargo.

“Expertise! To manage a project, one needs to understand both the practical and technical aspects. In the past, training was obtained ‘on the job’ because suitable courses were not readily available. As there is no formal education, many individuals have merged into the industry without proper training. We feel it is risky to think this is how it should still be done and provide the theory, physics and principles which should be applied via our comprehensive online training program.

“The clear and highly effective 6 module course consists of 66 x 10-minute sessions, which cover industry terminology, dimensions, weights and forces, heavy transport, heavy lifting, jacking, skidding and loadouts. When completed, the user will understand the practical, operational, and engineering aspects of heavy transport and lifting projects.

“The training, which has so far been used in over 50 countries and was a Finalist in HLPFI’s “Training of the Year 2019” award, is ideal for staff who are at the beginning of their career in heavy transport, offering employers a time saving and low-cost alternative to workshops and seminars. However, as the training is comprehensive, senior level professionals will also benefit from the practical, scenario and video-based course as it will encourage reflection on current practices.

“The training is also available through our sister company where Kuehne + Nagel, DHL and Bertling Logistics have all recently signed up several of their staff and industry experts.”