Qatar Airways Cargo gains QEP accreditation at 10 more stations


Qatar Airways Cargo has extended its Qualified Envirotainer Provider Training and Quality Programme (QEP) network to another 10 stations, bringing the total to 15.

The QEP accreditation recognises that carriers operate Envirotainer containers in compliance with Good Distribution Practice (GDP) throughout their network, demonstrating proper management of active pharma shipments.

The 10 new stations are London Heathrow, Milan, Shanghai, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Colombo, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai, which all join Amsterdam, Basel, Paris, Doha and Chicago.

Qatar Airways chief officer cargo, Guillaume Halleux says the airline has come a long way since the introduction of the QR Pharma product in 2014.

He says: “The Envirotainer’s QEP accreditation at 10 new stations in our network endorses our efficient pharma handling processes and our capability to manage active pharma shipments, which is recognised by both, forwarders and shippers. Our aim is to continue to enroll more stations into the Envirotainer accreditation programme in the coming months.”

Envirotainer global head of partner management, Bourji Mourad says: “QEP provides a structured, analytical approach for assessing quality that will simplify validation plans for pharmaceutical shipments. The QEP accreditation serves to align practices and procedures across the cold chain and through our involvement with the various industry associations, Envirotainer ensures that QEP is compliant with the most current best practices. Congratulations to our partner, Qatar Airways Cargo, who I am sure will continue this journey with us, with more stations being accredited in the coming months.”