Qatar Airways Cargo speeds into the express market


Qatar Airways Cargo has launched an express services product QR Express – an on-demand service for urgent shipments.

The carrier says it will deliver an airport-to-airport airfreight service for time critical shipments and it is the latest addition to the cargo airline’s expanding portfolio of specialised services and products.

QR Express provides customers with the opportunity to book time-sensitive shipments via a quick and simple system that offers high boarding priority and rapid handling, ensuring speedy delivery of their cargo.

Other key features include short and flexible close-outs, quick and dedicated ramp transfer (for express transit), as well as priority loading at origin and unloading at final destination and speedy retrieval at final destination (approximately 90 minutes).

Qatar Airways chief officer for cargo, Ulrich Ogiermann says: “We are delighted to launch our QR Express service. We are committed to meeting our customers’ demand for the services they need, by investing in sophisticated technology, and a team of highly qualified staff.

“This new product enables our customers to ship time-sensitive cargo with the knowledge that transit time will be minimised. It will be an ideal solution for supply chain process and fast moving consumable goods.”

Qatar Airways Cargo’s terminal at Hamad International Airport offers state-of-the-art technology and service to its customers around the globe.

The carrier says its quick ramp transfer (QRT) has the fastest airline transfer at Doha, whilst its team is committed to ensuring all QR Express shipments are safely and timely transported on board, and delivered to destinations.

Qatar Airways Cargo already offers QR Pharma, QR Fresh and QR Equine, which aim to ensure efficiency and compliance in the handling of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and perishable cargo, as well as professional care and service to shipment of horses and other live animals.

The cargo airline also offers QR Charter, utilising its freighter fleet in the sky comprised of Boeing777, Airbus A330 freighters and Boeing B747-400BCF heavy cargo aircraft.