Qatar Airways approves Releye RLP container

Qatar Airways Releye RLP

Qatar Airways Cargo has approved Envirotainer’s The Releye RLP temperature controlled container.

Guillaume Halleux, chief officer cargo at Qatar Airways said: “We are committed to provide our customers the best solutions. A seamless cool chain is paramount to maintain the efficacy of pharmaceuticals and we are pleased to offer our customers a technologically advanced container – Releye® RLP with live monitoring and intelligent cargo protection to transport their critical life science and health care shipments at the required temperature across our global network. Such an innovation is the need of the hour, especially in these uncertain times of the pandemic.”

Fredrik Linnér, chief business development officer at Envirotainer said, “We are happy to welcome Qatar Airways Cargo as a carrier of our latest innovation, the Envirotainer Releye® RLP container. With the new Releye® RLP, Qatar Airways Cargo can offer their customers the latest active fully connected solution to protect the integrity and quality of air freight medicine products throughout the supply chain.”

The Releye RLP maintains customers’ pharma cargo longer, without the need of recharging and is enough to cover transit times and delays.

With live monitoring, the airline’s customers will be able to track and monitor the product condition, location, temperature, humidity, battery levels, door openings, if their cargo is loaded or not and the progress of their shipments.

Customised alert notifications can also be set up, offering full visibility to customers for proactive and reactive measures.

These containers also deliver up to a 90% reduction in CO2 emissions.