Quantum-South to boost Amerijet International’s load factor with cutting-edge solution


Amerijet International, one of the largest US cargo carriers operating from the Miami
International Airport and Quantum-South, a leading logistics technology firm, announced today the successful completion of a joint Proof of Concept (PoC) project. The project concentrated on leveraging aircraft loading optimisation to enhance cargo load factor and revenue per flight.
Amerijet operates a fleet of Boeing 757 and 767 freighter aircraft, providing cargo services from its primary hub in Miami to 48 destinations across the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America and Europe. Amerijet’s global network reaches 476 destinations to all major airports in Europe, Asia, South Africa and the Middle East with seamless and transparent
transportation solutions for customers shipping time-sensitive, valuable, hazardous and temperature-controlled commodities.
Quantum-South’s groundbreaking solution features an Aircraft Load Optimization module, designed to optimize container placement to maximize transported weight, volume, priority mix, or revenue mix, with a focus on Center of Gravity (CoG) optimisation. Additionally, the Air Cargo Bin Packing module selects shipments for each flight to optimize the booked priority, with container assignment and precise instructions on how to build the container, such as the location and order of placement for each piece in the shipment. Quantum-South’s solution was seamlessly integrated with Amerijet’s cargo management system, powered by the SmartKargo backend application, further enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of cargo operations.
During the Proof of Concept project, Quantum-South examined data from 451 flights. The innovative solution identified loading alternatives that increased payload by up to 30% and volume by up to 76%. For instance, Quantum-South successfully replaced a previous load plan consisting of containers such as PAGs and PQAs with an optimized plan utilising
a variety of containers like AKEs, TYPE A-1, TYPE A FRONT, and TYPE A AFT units.
Eric J. Wilson, Amerijet international chief commercial officer stated, “This substantial enhancement in cargo load factor can greatly enhance revenue per flight and increase opportunities for customers through more efficient use of capacity. We are pleased with the PoC project’s outcomes and foresee potential benefits across multiple areas.”
Dr. Rafael Sotelo, Quantum-South co-founder and president, expressed his satisfaction with the successful collaboration between Quantum-South and Amerijet International, stating: “The project’s success at Miami International Airport demonstrates the significant potential of our cutting-edge solution in optimizing cargo load factors. We are excited to continue working with Amerijet International and uncover more optimization opportunities to further enhance their operations.”
Amerijet International is committed to tackling challenges related to data structure and data quality while continuing to work on multi-piece shipment ordering and shipment handling code incompatibility restriction compliance. The company also plans to explore automated planning of areas such as oversize cargo, consolidated cargo, bulk cargo space, and B757 configurations.
“Optimising flight load plans and augmenting process efficiency helps us provide the best capacity offering to our customers while maximising the load of every flight,” added Wilson. “Quantum-South’s solution has the potential to bring significant benefits to our operations, increase revenues and reduce emissions, and we look forward to further collaboration to uncover more optimisation opportunities.”