RFD announces new cargo centre


The Chicago Rockford International Airport has announced the construction of the new international cargo centre to be located at the Airport.

In October 2020, the Airport announced the construction of 8000 sq m facility. This building is now a part of a new international cargo centre.

In addition to the first building, the Airport also will construct a 9,000 sq m building, a new ramp to accommodate six 747 aircraft, and a new road that will extend off Baxter Road to accommodate tractor/trailer traffic to and from the facility.

The new international cargo centre is being designed to accommodate daily multiple aircraft landings and departures containing international destination freight.

The estimated total construction budget for the new facility is $42-43 million USD. This figure includes the construction of two buildings, a new ramp for airplane parking and a new road.

Last year, the Airport was recognised as the world’s fastest growing cargo airport. In 2020, it saw 15% growth in cargo operations compared to 2019.