SkyCell enhances United Cargo TempControl


United Cargo has enhanced its TempControl service by becoming the first US carrier to lease and transport temperature-sensitive containers manufactured by SkyCell.

The SkyCell containers feature patented insulation and a special rechargeable cooling temperature.

Each container is equipped with internet of things sensors that connect to SkyCell’s cloud-based blockchain-encrypted software, which monitor temperature, humidity and other factors.

Jan Krems, president of United Cargo says that the airline’s TempControl service transports vaccines and other sensitive high-value biopharmaceutical shipments that require precise temperature control.

He says: “That’s why we’re very excited to launch this partnership. Combining the proven reliability and high performance of SkyCell’s containers with TempControl’s extensive network and relentless focus on control and integrity creates the level of quality service today’s health care shippers demand.”

Richard Ettl, CEO of SkyCell says: “SkyCell is excited to partner with United to increase the availability of SkyCell containers for the US pharma industry. United and SkyCell share the goal of eliminating temperature excursions and reducing the CO2 footprint in global pharma transportation.”