Skyport: “We want to create new trends in cargo handling”

Skyport: “Our goal is to set up new trends in cargo handling”

Skyport, Prague’s leading ground handler, is bracing for tech and digital developments after its recent acquisition by Ventus and Sky Logistica.

The recent transaction includes approximately 20,000 sq m of airside property, as well as Skyport’s air cargo handling operations at Prague Airport in the Czech Republic and Košice and Bratislava Airports, both in Slovakia.

“We have worked closely with the Ventus team to ensure a smooth and efficient transition. There have been no changes to our operations or personnel,” said Skyport CEO David Adamek.

“Our goal now is to set up new trends in cargo handling. We are leaders in our sector, and we aim to be the most technologically advanced cargo hub in Europe.”

Adamek noted that digital developments are well under way. “Most recently, we have implemented a full barcode and QR scanner system into our warehouse for full digital footprint coverage of all handling activities.

“This allows us to precisely track all cargo, monitor the performance of different workstations, and improve our operations which will increase our quality of service.”

Finnair Cargo, a recent partner of Skyport will benefit from this offering, with the ability to tap in to end-to-end real time visibility of its cargo as it moves through the facility.

“We have also recently invested in upgrading and expanding the handling capability of our automatic loading systems (ALS),” Adamek said.

“Various staff members are involved in testing new technology before it is implemented, and they provide our supervisors with essential feedback to make sure all technology is user-friendly before being rolled out. Due to this testing process, staff are very comfortable with the new technologies as the product they receive has been fully tested and adapted to their exact needs.”

As cargo volumes have been at high and this is expected to continue, Adamek told ACW that Skyport will be hiring new staff to meet this growth. “We are frequently evaluating our processes and operations to ensure we have the team in place to ensure high quality service,” he said.

As for Skyport’s own growth, the company aims to concentrate on two aspects: quality of services, and workflow process optimalisation. “Both aspects are essential in heightening Skyport’s performance and achieving our ultimate goal of becoming the best handling agent in Europe,” Adamek added.

As the leading handler in the Czech Republic, Skyport can handle any type of general cargo: intact Unit Load Devices (ULDs), live animals, dangerous goods, pharma products, radioactive cargo, vehicles and oversize shipments.

“In Prague, we operate a fully automatic ULD storage and handling system that allows us to store up to 220 intact ULDs at once. The facility has three build-up/break down hydraulic stations and can transfer all cargo on board a fully loaded 747 onto roller bed trucks under one hour. Our operations in Bratislava also offer handling special cargo, charter flights, and scheduled RFS trucks, like we offer in Prague.”

With investments from Ventus and Sky Logistica and air cargo demand soaring, Skyport has positioned itself well for growth in the region.