Swiss WorldCargo to provide tracking devices for sensitive shipments

Swiss WorldCargo

Swiss WorldCargo will now provide active tracking devices and a 24/7 dedicated intervention team, which it says is for “additional customer peace of mind”.

The Swiss carrier says there is a need for timely information and transparency is a key requirement in supply chain logistics as despite careful planning, cargo irregularities can occur, such as temperature deviation, misrouting or pilferage.

Swiss WorldCargo says it now allows the transportation of SWISS-approved active tracking devices (ATDs) as of November 2016. Additionally, it will provide a 24/7 dedicated intervention team able to react to any deviation worldwide based on ATD data.

Swiss WorldCargo head of product for services and technology management, Alain Guerin says: “This service is unique to Swiss WorldCargo customers as it offers the transparency of real-time information and an intervention team which can influence transportation quality in real-time.

“Fully in line with the GDP and Swiss WorldCargo philosophy, this worldwide initiative will support the overall continuous service improvements required by the forwarders, shippers and the supply chain.”