Swissport to create 100 jobs at Belfast


Swissport is to create 100 new jobs at Belfast International Airport in a number of areas including cargo handling.

The Northern Irish airport is in the process of a major recruitment drive to increase its workforce to about 350 employees. The expansion should be worth about £1.6 million ($2.3 million) in annual wages to Northern Ireland’s economy.

Belfast International Airport operations director, Alan Whiteside says: “This is the second big job announcement we have made in as many weeks and is a boost not only for South Antrim but for the Northern Ireland economy.”

Swissport Belfast station manager, Jean Foster says: “There will be a significant increase in the number of aircraft movements and that means greater demand for the wide range of services we provide.”

The Swissport expansion follows the announcement that security company, ICTS, is employing an additional 40 staff.

Whiteside continues: “These jobs are demand-driven. The fact that they do not depend on a single penny of support from the government means we’re seeing a win-win for the wider economy and the taxpayer.”

He adds: “This proves how Belfast International is a real engine for growth, and it’s a real pity that Ministers at Stormont don’t seem to understand that or choose to ignore it.”

“This airport has the potential to create thousands of new jobs and hundreds of new businesses if Ministers gave the sector the relatively small levels of support it needs to attract new airlines and open new routes.”