The Albion Aviation Group delivers specialised broker training

James Wyatt, General Manager, aeroconcept

The Albion Aviation Group has announced their partnership with James Wyatt at aeroconcept, the aviation consulting business, to deliver a series of training modules focused on Cargo Charter Ground Operations.

Similar to previous specialised broker training modules launched by Albion in 2020, the Cargo Charter Ground Operations module series has been written in direct response to demands placed by Albion’s growing client base, as well as a sustained interest in cargo chartering due to the global COVID-19 Pandemic.

“We are all about setting new training standards in the industry and we are delighted to be able to offer this industry’s Cargo Charter Ground Operations module series,” Lewis King, director of the Albion Aviation Group commented. “We will continue to strive to create a more professional and educated charter marketplace for the benefit of all industry stakeholders”

The module series aims to provide attendees with a theoretical and visual understanding of cargo charter ground operations, which may apply at either the departure or arrival airports, so as help to facilitate a seamless charter operation.  Modules include; an introduction to ground handling, handling processes for special loads, airport customs and security, understanding the AWB & cargo documentation and ULD’s.