The invisible world of logistics to be revealed


The often invisible world of 21st century logistics systems and the critical role they play in all our lives will be the subject of the first in a new series of online public lectures from Aston University being launched this month.

The series, Aston Talks, will showcase a selection of the research taking place at Aston University and its impact on society.

International logistics and systems expert, Professor Ed Sweeney, will be launching the series with “Engineering 21st century logistics systems – a cultural perspective” on Tuesday 27 October.

Drawing on his research, Professor Sweeney will explain how the logistics systems that underpin supply chains – which ensure products and services reach the final user efficiently – play a pivotal role in maintaining economic and wider societal wellbeing.

Professor Sweeney explains: “This online lecture will introduce the fascinating – but often invisible – world of logistics, using a variety of cultural references such as the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams and Seamus Heaney’s Human Chain to illustrate the key elements.

“It will also explore how the effective application of engineering principles and concepts – particularly design and systems thinking – can help to address some of the mega challenges facing logisticians and supply chain professionals in the 21st century.”

Professor Sweeney joined the School of Engineering & Applied Science at Aston University in 2014 after previously working as director at the National Institute for Transport and Logistics based at the Technological University of Dublin.

He has worked and lectured in over 70 countries in Europe, North America and Asia, and has held visiting professorships and other part-time positions at several institutions worldwide. He is also an experienced researcher with over 200 publications including books, papers in international peer-reviewed academic journals and leading trade publications.

The talk, which is free to attend and open to all, will take place on Microsoft Teams Live from 18:30 to 19:30 on Tuesday 27 October 2020