The planes are flying cargo to Spain

Zaragoza Airport

Zaragoza Airport has seen the most substantial growth among European airports in the past 10 years, according to research by CP Cases.

Freight and mail volumes at the airport located in Spain’s Aragon region increased by 843% between 2008 and 2018, reaching 201,959 tonnes.

Valladolid Airport, serving the capital of Castile and Leon registered the second highest 10-year growth of 837%, handling 281 tonnes in 2018.

As a country, Spanish airports have grown significantly in 10 years, with Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas, Barcelona El Prat, Vitoria, and Valencia all up over 100%.

Vitoria led the way with 181% growth to 48,644 tonnes, followed by Madrid-Barajas at 173% to 972,398 tonnes, Barcelona El Prat at 171% to 293,898 tonnes and Valencia with 135% to 23,781 tonnes.

CP Cases, which commissioned the research to study not only where are the largest hubs, but the up and coming ones, manufacturers protective cases and racks used for commercial and military transport.

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Fiona Haggerty, commercial director of CP Cases says: “While we still see products being utilised to transport equipment to the major freight hubs in Europe, we’ve noticed that some key new players are becoming increasingly popular, providing a more localised option for freight logistics.”

Among the top five freight and mail hubs, Leipzig/Halle has had the strongest 10-year growth, up 172% to 1.23 million tonnes.

Frankfurt Airport remains the busiest hub in Europe but has only grown 4% in the decade to 2.25 million tonnes.

Paris Charles de Gaulle has grown 61% since 2008 to 2.24 million tonnes, followed by London Heathrow at 28% to 1.78 million tonnes and Amsterdam Schiphol at 8% to 1.73 million tonnes.