Unitechnik enables virtual logistics planning

Firmenreportage bei der Fa. Unitechnik in Wiehl. Dennis Heuser demonstriert einem Kunden, wie er mittels VR-Brille und Handgeräten die Abläufe in einem Lager steuern kann.

Unitechnik Systems, which plans workstations using Virtual Reality (VR), has implemented it in several supply chain reference projects, meaning the technology is now a fixed component in the planning of logistics projects. The company aims to network the interface between man and technology at an early stage in the planning process. VR planning of picking and packing stations simplifies the process and increases the acceptance by employees.

The design of the workstations should be the next step after the planning of conveyor technology, storage systems and the order picking system. Especially regarding the ergonomic needs of the future user, an early planning of the processes at the picking and packing stations brings a high added value. If source and target containers are unfavorably arranged, this places a strain on the operator every day. The consequences are loss of productivity, dissatisfaction, and inefficient processes. Detailed planning of the workstations should therefore be an important aspect of the planning phase.