UPS delivers one billion Covid vaccine doses

UPS delivers one billion Covid

UPS today announced that it surpassed the one billion Covid-19 vaccine doses delivered.

“UPSers have been essential in the fight against Covid-19, delivering equitable access to critical healthcare services’” said chief sales and solutions officer and executive vice president, UPS Global Healthcare, Kate Gutmann. “This milestone would not have been possible without every person in our global network working tirelessly, alongside our partners and customers, to accelerate vaccine distribution and help keep communities as safe as possible.” 

The global UPS network and dedicated UPS employees not only supported healthcare customers and global organisations, but also joined in public-private partnerships to provide vaccines and cold chain expertise to countries with hard-to-reach populations, ensuring delivery to as many people as possible. To achieve this, UPS Healthcare mapped roughly 500 trade lanes to enable seamless worldwide vaccine shipments and used more than three million pounds of dry ice to help safely move vaccines.

“UPS Healthcare has set the global pace for COVID-19 vaccine delivery, supported by the unmatched dedication of UPSers and the company’s global logistics capabilities and expertise,” said UPS Healthcare president, Wes Wheeler. “Medicines derived from biologics and delivered via cutting edge cold chain networks represent the future of healthcare, and UPS Healthcare is leading the way.”

“Service is in our DNA. We will continue to provide life-saving supplies, vaccines and other therapies with a constant eye on equitable distribution in every country we serve,” said chief corporate affairs officer, Laura Lane, who also has responsibility for global social impact and sustainability.