Volatile 2014 slowly rises for Air China


Air China’s October tonnage was slightly down on the airline’s year high in September, transporting 142,277 tonnes compared to the previous month’s 143,681.

The dip continues the volatile year the airline is having. Leading up to September, Air China saw 124,005 tonnes and 91,764 in January and February, it then carried 128,345 tonnes in April and 127,400 tonnes, 121,534 tonnes and 120,520 tonnes in May, June and July, respectively.  

Domestic cargo in October fell 3.9 per cent compared to September, but it was up 5.5 per cent against October 2013. International meanwhile saw a dramatic 21 per cent increase compared to October last year. Against September 2014, it rose 2.9 per cent. Regional freight also had a substantial year-on-year rise, with 29.6 per cent more this October than in 2013.

Compared to September this year it was 7.4 per cent. The revenue freight tonne kilometres (RFTK) reflect this with an overall change between October 2013 and 2014 of 24.1 per cent. The domestic, international and regional RFTK figures closely matched the tonnage, with 5.5 per cent, 30.9 per cent and 28.7 per cent, respectively.

The available freight tonne kilometres (AFTK) had double-digit increases and this reflects the airline’s expansion. During September, Air China added two Boeing 737-800, a Being 737-300, an Airbus A320, three Airbus A321 and an Airbus A330.

Overall, the AFTK was 23.3 per cent more compared to October 2013, at 956.4 million kilometres. Internationally it was up 30.6 per cent at 662.6 million kilometres. The regional AFTK was up 18.3 per cent against October 2013 with 29.4 million kilometres.


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