WestJet Cargo: Passion and dedication are in the air


At the heart of this robust operation is a team of determined and creative WestJetters. Kirsten de Bruijn, Executive Vice-President Cargo, is adamant in her approach of hiring like-minded individuals who can achieve her customer-focused business practices. With this in mind, she’s built a strong team of leaders with over 100 years of combined cargo and aviation industry experience. Each leader was hand-chosen by Kirsten: “WestJet Cargo is at a crucial stage of development. We work in a people-driven business and have mastered the ability to humanize our business. Our team is experienced, agile and confident; we use these skills to serve our customers and guarantee a reliable and consistent experience that exceeds their expectations. The WestJet Cargo team is dedicated to our vision, we work hard, and we have a lot of fun.”

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The WestJet Cargo team is responsible for shipping a wide range of commodities. Whether the cargo be commercial or private, each is handled with an elevated level of consistency and care. In 2022 alone, the carrier transported more than 11,000 pets in addition to medical supplies, perishables, mail and blood samples. The team feels an exceptional level of pride when being trusted with the safe carriage of customers valuable possessions.

It’s clear that WestJet Cargo is committed to its mission: to ensure customer satisfaction through a unique and creative approach. Part of this creative approach means being innovative when it comes to destinations. Each location is extensively researched before being added to the network. The strategically chosen 50-destination network has recently been expanded to include Honolulu, Los Angeles and Orlando. This is in addition to a comprehensive list of Canadian stations, with relevant connectivity to Europe, the USA, Caribbean, Mexico and Japan. WestJet Cargo is committed to meeting the needs of the Canadian and International markets.

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Connections are undeniably the strongest part of the WestJet Cargo culture, it’s in their DNA. The WestJet Group was built on connecting people with each other and the WestJet Cargo team is thrilled to oversee this expansion into a customer-focused operation that connects people with businesses, products and resources.