2015 starts strong for Changi Airport


Changi Airport has seen cargo volumes increase by 3.9 per cent in the first two months of 2015, with February seeing the strongest growth.

In the first two months of 2015, Changi handled 287,100 tonnes, up from 277,100 tonnes for the same period of 2014. In February it handled 136,000 tonnes of cargo, a year-on-year increase of 7.3 per cent.

In January, the airport handled 151,800 tonnes, up one per cent. In January and February 2014, Changi handled 150,300 tonnes and 126,800 tonnes, respectively. Traffic with South Asia grew by five per cent in January, with large growth from India and Thailand recovering by 22 per cent for the month.

For 2014 as a whole, Changi saw cargo volumes increase by 0.3 per cent to 1.8 million tonnes. It handled the highest volumes in March, 169,800 tonnes, and the lowest in February, at 126,800 tonnes. Shipments to Japan rose by 7.5 per cent, All Nippon Airways Cargo starting an Okinawa-Singapore service in April. Trade with Australia and China rose by 5.7 per cent and 1.3 per cent, respectively.

When announcing the 2014 results in January this year, Changi Airport Group chief executive officer, Lee Seow Hiang, said: “We are hopeful that 2015 will be a better year for aviation in the region. Travel demand is recovering steadily for markets like Thailand and China. Lower fuel costs will also help to alleviate cost pressures for airlines.”


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