ACS keeps planes flying in Spain

Air Charter Service Spain managing director, James Fitzgerald

Air Charter Service’s Spanish office has celebrated its 10th anniversary with record half year results, with all divisions putting in strong performances.

Revenue was up 37 per cent and charter numbers by 49 per cent, with managing director James Fitzgerald describing 2018 as an “incredibly busy year” so far.

He says: “It has been especially pleasing to see an increase in larger cargo programmes, including daily flights on an Antonov AN-12 for five weeks and one that involved six Boeing B747s in less than two weeks.”

Fitzgerald adds: “There was a moment recently where I realised that across the three divisions – private, commercial and cargo – we had eight aircraft in the air at the same time! It really hit home the amount of work and effort that our team invest in their job to keep our charters running smoothly, and I believe that this is the real reason behind our strong figures for the start of the year.”

He also says that since opening the office in 2008, charter numbers have grown every year and are on course to break the 1,000 barrier this year.