ACW enters a new era


After a quarter of a century at the helm of the world’s only weekly newspaper for airfreight professionals, Air Cargo Week’s (ACW) Director Norman Bamford has turned a page in his outstanding decades-long career.

The sixty-year industry veteran has sold the air cargo media and events business A-Z Group Limited (Azura International) to a company owned by airfreight media maven Audrey Serdjebi, with Steven Polmans taking on the role of ACW’s new managing director.

“The growth and development of our business over the last thirty years has been one of the most interesting experiences of my sixty-year career in the air cargo sector,” Bamford said, discussing his decision to sell A-Z Group Limited.

“However, change is inevitable and with the existing proprietors’ retirement unavoidable, a change of ownership became the logical path to further development of the company, enhancing its talent base and adding value to this vital industry.”

A-Z Group is passing our business on to an organisation that shares its passion for the industry and has the skills and vision to build on the solid base that Azura International has established.

“In a constantly changing world, I’m confident that they have a commitment to sustainability and a determination to remain an integral part of the global air community,” Bamford continued.

Having had the pleasure of working with Serdjebi for 12 years, Bamford has seen first-hand how she is one of the most creative and innovative personalities in the airfreight industry.

“Driven by their inspired leadership, the existing staff will work closely with Steven, delivering a strong, enthusiastic team that builds on our current portfolio of airfreight news, events, and awards,” Bamford stated.

“My deep affection for the air freight industry and my desire to contribute to its transformation through the media inspired me to buy Azura International,” Serdjebi said. “Norman’s offer to buy his well-respected publication was perfect, given his guiding influence in the air cargo industry to me and so many others.”

“The editorial team at Air Cargo Week is highly regarded for its journalistic expertise and timely reporting, with many members having worked for the publication for several years. I greatly admire their dedication, consistency, and professionalism, always managing the journal with unwavering enthusiasm,” she added.

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