Alha upgrades security with TAPA TSR1 certified trucks


Alha Group has upgraded security with the introduction of new trucks with Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) TSR1 certification.

The handling and trucking service provider says 35 trucks are currently TAPA TSR certified, and 130 are equipped with advanced security systems including Live Monitoring, Geo-localisation and geofencing systems.

Alha Group chief executive officer, Lorenzo Gherardini says: “In Europe, goods transportation registers products ‘losses due to criminal attacks for more than €8 billion each year.”

“TAPA TSR certification follows the TACSS 1 path and shows Alha commitment to guarantee the transported goods‘ security. We are very pleased to have achieved this recognition because it rewards our efforts and allows us to offer an excellent service to our customers.”

Alha is TACSS 1 certified at the Alha Malpensa Terminal at Milan Malpensa Airport and FSR certified at the Alha hub in Prato. It is also the only provider in the EMEA region holding three TAPA certificates: TACSS, FSR and TSR.