CHAMP Cargosystems joins Air Cargo Belgium


CHAMP Cargosystems has joined the Air Cargo Belgium community to share its insights in the IT sector and collaborate more closely with members.

Air Cargo Belgium sets out strategic and ambitious goals for the development of air cargo on behalf of supply chain stakeholders.

The community of over 100 air cargo organisations implements procedures for improved operations and takes the lead in projects by having contact with all stakeholders and government agencies to address topics of common interest.

CHAMP Cargosystems chief executive officer, Arnaud Lambert says: “CHAMP is right at home in an organisation like Air Cargo Belgium. The wider organisation is filled with expertise and knowledge throughout the entire supply chain, with the common driver of cooperation, innovation, and shared success. We look forward to sharing these ideals with our new partners.”

Air Cargo Belgium chairman, Steven Polmans adds: “As a well-respected member of the industry, the community has much to benefit from its knowledge and leadership in air cargo supply chain IT. The biggest progress and change in our industry in the years to come will be in the area of IT and digitisation, I am sure CHAMP can help us as a community to take the lead in this change and innovation.”