Collaboration creates innovation


Digital innovation is taking centre stage, revolutionising the way the air freight industry operates and interacts with customers. At the forefront of this technological transformation is CargoTech, an umbrella group consisting of: Rotate, Wiremind, CargoAi, ECS’s Cargo Digital Factory and newcomer CharterSync. Together, they are driving the adoption of digital solutions and promoting the benefits of technological advancements in the industry.

When engaging with customers, CargoTech recognises that different companies have varying needs and digital maturity levels. Advanced carriers typically seek revenue optimisation products to increase or safeguard their earnings. To cater to these requirements, CargoTech’s member companies offer solutions such as Rotate’s Sales Cockpit, Wiremind Cargo’s capacity forecasting and revenue optimisation tools,  CargoAI’s marketplace, which promotes sales channels for smaller and medium-sized forwarders and CharterSync’s innovative solutions to streamline air cargo charter processes. By addressing specific needs, CargoTech ensures that their customers receive the most relevant and beneficial digital solutions.

“That’s why we created CargoTech, with a combination of different companies that could develop complementary products,” Cedric Millet, President of CargoTech, said. “CargoTech offers a wide range of products from all of our members, meeting the specific needs of our customers.”

To promote their offerings effectively, CargoTech utilises multiple strategies. One approach is signing partnerships and collaborations with major players in the air freight sector. For example, CargoTech’s member Rotate recently announced a strategic partnership with Etihad Cargo and Qatar Cargo teamed up with Wiremind Cargo, moves that not only enhances their visibility but reflects the effectiveness of their all-in one solution.

“We are bringing a digital solution. We are digitalised, which is when you improve manual processes to focus on value-added revenue-generating elements,” Millet explained. “You’re keeping the traditional way of working but you’re giving the people a tool that will make them make more informed decisions.”

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Complementary package 

One of the key strengths of CargoTech is the collaboration among its member companies. Instead of competing against each other, they develop complementary products and coordinate their roadmaps to avoid duplication. This collaborative approach allows CargoTech to offer a comprehensive package of solutions to customers, combining the expertise of cargo industry veterans with technology specialists. This unique combination ensures that the solutions provided not only leverage cutting-edge technology but also align with the intricate intricacies of the air freight industry.

“We have created that kind of umbrella that gathers different companies that have different offerings. Millet, explained. “Within CargoTech, we are trying to have companies that do not overlap, so they are complementing each other and coordinating on their roadmap.”

The success of CargoTech’s collaborative model highlights the potential benefits of a similar approach across the industry. By encouraging collaboration and synergy among technology companies, the airfreight sector as a whole can experience accelerated growth and enhanced innovation.

“You have a lot of companies today in the sector that are providing cargo solutions but do not have a clue about the cargo business itself, so they’re looking at concepts they thing the industry wants without providing what customers need,” Millet said. “We have about 70 people, 25 are cargo experts and the rest are technology experts, providing a good combination.”

While healthy competition is acknowledged, CargoTech believes that their holistic approach, offering complementary products developed by cargo and technology experts, sets them apart and makes a significant impact on the industry.

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Changing needs 

When it comes to the balance between digital innovation and traditional practices, CargoTech adopts a pragmatic approach. They do not aim to eliminate traditional processes entirely but rather focus on digitising manual tasks that can be automated, freeing up time for employees to concentrate on more valuable, revenue-generating activities. By providing decision support tools and digital solutions, CargoTech empowers individuals to make more informed decisions while preserving the traditional workflow.

“It starts with the customer’s needs. If the customer needs just 10% of our package, we can tailor it to offer the solution that really meets their needs,” Millet stated. “If they don’t know what they need, we can offer consultancy services to help tailor it to their preferences.”

CargoTech’s commitment to driving digital innovation in the air freight industry is evident through their comprehensive product portfolio, collaborative approach, and customer-focused strategies. By combining cargo industry expertise with cutting-edge technology, CargoTech is keen to shape the future of air freight and continue delivering solutions that optimise operations, increase revenue, and meet the evolving needs of customers in this dynamic industry.

“We can always find a solution but the selling point is we believe that we provide the right or relevant solution to a specific process. We are providing solutions that have been designed by people who know the business and can develop the latest technology,” Millet added.