DHL helps entrepreneurs get to grips with the supply chain


DHL Global Forwarding is to assist start-up entrepreneurs in logistics and supply chain development with the launch of DHL Start-Up Helpdesk.

The helpdesk will help young companies enter the international business market and provide advice on what requirements need to be met if products and goods are to be offered in other countries, including outside the European Union.

It will help with customs and shipping advice such as asking if the goods have been packaged properly, what transport mode is best, customs requirements for imports and exports, what shipping documents are required and whether the goods have been properly insured.

DHL Global Forwarding vice president for customer service in Germany, Joachim Hermansky says: “Our customer base of start-ups with global operations is growing rapidly at our branch in Berlin. Understandably, they have a greater need for advice and services, particularly in the initial stages.

“That is precisely why we trained up a young team that acts as a link between companies going global and traditional handling departments. They understand both worlds and that allows them to provide swift and flexible support.”