FedEx and Air Seychelles speed up customs clearance


As official licensee of FedEx, Air Seychelles has introduced a service to facilitate customs clearance for its customers in the Seychelles.

The service supports customers with the creation and filing of a bill of entry directly into the local customs system.

In addition, a dedicated team at FedEx also guides customers through the clearance process to enable a prompt recovery of packages held by customs.

Haajira Jumaye, commercial manager of Air Seychelles Cargo, who also oversees FedEx says: “As we are continuously seeking ways to improve our customer service experience, the new service has enabled us to provide more support to our customers by assisting with the complex customs clearance process, thus contributing towards fulfilling the ‘Purple Promise’. As all the procedures are conducted at the same location, the new service will bring added value to the customers who can now engage with a single party, from dispatch right up to clearance of their shipment.”