Lui: Our people are our most treasured capital

Allen Liu

In February, Chapman Freeborn appointed Allen Liu as cargo director for North Asia.

With 15 years’ experience in aviation, Lui began his career in 2006, gaining industry knowledge at several air cargo businesses before taking on a senior role as cargo manager China at Chapman Freeborn in 2013.

After five years generating and developing business in the Chinese market for Chapman Freeborn, Lui joined Air Bridge Cargo in 2018.

However, the success of his time at Chapman Freeborn pulled him back, and he rejoined Chapman Freeborn this year.

Lui’s role is to develop the North Asian market, working to expand Chapman Freeborn’s presence in Japan and Korea, as well as in Hong Kong and China.

With almost four months under the belt in the new role, ACW caught up with Lui to see how operations are going.

ACW: How has your experience been starting the position of Cargo Director, North Asia in the most difficult time the aviation industry has seen?

Allen Liu: Although the market is challenged and there is a high demand for freighters with low capacity, we are still working hard to find solutions and to exceed our customers’ expectations. We have a strong network, perfect teamwork and our team’s impressive industry knowledge/experience. I have experienced a lot of exhausting days but also exciting ones in these months, and I have a familiar feeling being back!

ACW: What have you learned during this time in the new role? Has there been anything you haven’t been able to plan for?

Lui: Although I have worked at Chapman Freeborn for more than 5 years prior to this joining, I have seen many different things in this new role during this unusual period we are experiencing, living through the COVID pandemic. Such as, massive Pfreighters operating, working together across the group to give assistance of leasing/ selling aircraft etc.

ACW: At Chapman Freeborn how do you aim to develop the Asian cargo charter market?

Lui: As Russi, our chairman, in the past always emphasised, our people are our most treasured capital. We fully rely on our growing professional team to help our customers solve their air logistic challenges within budget. In addition, for many years we have a deep understating of how freighter airlines work and can therefore add value there.

ACW: What do you believe will be the pandemic’s long-term effects on the cargo charter market?

Lui: COVID-19 has made cargo charters a very hot topic, more so than ever before. Though we all expect the market to slowly return to normal once the passenger airlines get back in the sky, we expect more customers will choose air charter in the future especially while we see the continued demand.