NCA quiet on aircraft damage

Nippon Cargo Airlines

Japanese media outlet NHK World is reporting that a Japanese air cargo operator has been found to be negligent in reporting serious damages to its planes on multiple occasions. The country’s transport ministry is examining these incidents.

Nippon Cargo Airlines is alleged to have sustained heavy damage to its freighters in the United States twice, last year and earlier this year. The company flies B747 freighters.
In one case, the firm did not submit a report to the Japanese government. In the other, the carrier is alleged to have given false details to make the damage appear less serious than it actually was, claims the media outlet.

The transport ministry inspected the company’s headquarters at Narita Airport on Tuesday, and checked maintenance and servicing records.

Sources close to the firm say there were nine other cases in the last decade in which serious damage or defects were regarded as minor problems and went unreported.

Damage to aircraft is not treated as an accident in Japan unless it is sustained while in operation. However Tokyo mandates reports for serious damage.

Though none of the flights were taken out of service, repairs were not immediately attended to, says NHK World.