PACTL sees domestic slide


Shanghai Pudong International Airport Cargo Terminal  (PACTL) has seen a 12.4 per cent rise in the amount of cargo handled in June, despite a drop in domestic cargo handled.

PACTL handled 121,178 tonnes in June, with total imports rising 4.5 per cent to 45,367 tonnes and total exports rising 17.7 per cent to 75,811 tonnes.

However, PACTL handled 6,971 tonnes of domestic cargo in June, a drop of 1.8 per cent over the same month of 2013. This is also down from this year’s high in January when it handled 8,983 tonnes. PACTL splits domestic and international cargo into inbound and outbound. Inbound rose six per cent to 3,647 tonnes, but outbound fell 9.2 per cent to 3,324 tonnes. This was a smaller drop than in April and May, when outbound cargo shrank by 14.1 and 17 per cent, respectively. International cargo rose by 13.4 per cent in June, rising to 114,207 tonnes. PACTL’s international inbound and outbound data shows a rise of 4.3 per cent and  19.3 per cent, respectively. The large outbound international tonnage increase took it to 72,487 tonnes.

Vice president of PACTL, Lutz Grzegorz, says, “We are confident of setting a new record by the end of this year and reaching a figure of 1.4 million tonnes of air cargo for the very first time.”

Year-to-date (YTD) figures show that domestic cargo grew by 2.2 per cent to 44,527 tonnes and international volumes rose by 14.68 per cent to 642,749 tonnes. YTD imports grew by 13.6 per cent to 274,758 tonnes and exports expanded by 13.9 per cent to 412,518 tonnes. The monthly figure of 121,178 tonnes is a small dip from May, when it handled 121,993. This continues the downward trend seen since March, when it handled 130,188 tonnes. The downward trend is because of a 20.5 per cent drop in traffic from Africa and a 17.8 per cent drop from the South West Pacific. Increases of 15.7 per cent from the Middle East and 15.2 per cent from South Asia limited the May fall to 2.8 per cent


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