Peli BioThermal commits to “a significantly greener operation”

Dominic Hyde

After being awarded the TIACA Air Cargo Sustainability award last year, in recognition of the use their innovative products replacing single use products, Peli BioThermal is continuing its efforts to reduce environmental impact.

“We are proud the recognition afforded us by TIACA for replacing single use products but this is only part of the picture,” explained Dominic Hyde, vice president Crēdo™ On Demand at Peli BioThermal.

“We are also working to reduce the carbon footprint of our products, particularly that associated with the operation of our products. There is too much air that is needlessly shipped by air around the world.

“The volumetric performance of the product cannot be understated and having extensive product ranges with the broadest range of capacity and autonomy is critical to eliminate a significant percentage of waste from the outset.

“There are also extraordinary numbers of empty containers flying around the world as the airlines balance out the demand of the container rental companies or fly containers back to return points. I find it incredible that some of the largest container rental companies make no provision for returning containers in South America.

“An entire continent with a population of over 422 million and no means of returning rental containers other than flying them empty to another continent. South America has no seaports! Our global rental program, Credo on Demand, was designed from the outset to only use air freight for re-balancing under extra-ordinary circumstances with sea freight, rail and road handling more than 99% of all our global re-balancing.

“It’s slower and places more onus on us to forecast and plan but these are small concessions to a significantly greener operation.”