Peli BioThermal opens station near Frankfurt Airport


Peli BioThermal has opened its newest station in Frankfurt, serving as an additional depot for the company’s Credo on Demand rental programme.

Situated close to Frankfurt Airport, a major logistics hub for both pharmaceutical manufacturing and transfer, the latest location enables customers to receive and return the reusable Credo temperature controlled containers.

Credo on Demand vice president, Dominic Hyde says: “Our Crēdo rental programs are specifically designed to provide our global customers with options. To serve the needs of our clients worldwide, we continue to make significant investments in key locations globally.”

He adds: “Our Frankfurt facility offers operational processes and quality procedures replicated throughout all of our expanding network stations and service centres. Our aim is to provide our customers in pharmaceutical distribution the convenience and flexibility to select the best logistics location for their business.”

Peli BioThermal says the location complements the existing and expanding network of service centres, network stations and rental drop-off points across Europe, Asia and the Americas, providing customers with an additional option for returning and conditioning of Credo on Demand assets at the end of the rental period, including Credo Xtreme pallet shippers and Credo Cargo bulk shippers.