SF Airlines opens air link between Qingdao and Hangzhou


SF Airlines has opened a transport link between Qingdao and Hangzhou using a Boeing 757-200 on the route.

In 2012, SF Express sent all shipments from Qingdao to the southern and eastern regions of China to be delivered cargo aircraft.

To cope with increased demand, the Qingdao-Hangzhou air route was set up by SF Airlines to optimise the route network, representing the development of Hangzhou as a transport hub based on the hub and spoke model.

The 757-200 can carry up to 28 tonnes of cargo meaning 10,000 shipments can be transported between Qingdao, Hangzhou and surrounding areas every day.

SF Airlines started flying 757-200s to Qingdao in May 2017, serving as a freighter hub transporting cherries from the area and to support economic development.