United Cargo approves Releye RLP container


United Cargo has announced that it is expanding its TempControl air cargo container offering by becoming the first North American carrier to approve Envirotainer’s Releye RLP container.

The Releye RLP is a state-of-the-art temperature-controlled air cargo container that meets the precise requirements of pharmaceutical air freight and is designed for both short-and long-distance hauls.

With the Releye, United Cargo’s portfolio now includes more than 15 leasable container options designed to keep cargo cool or at a controlled room temperature.

“We are proud to be the first North American carrier to approve the new Envirotainer Releye RLP unit. This gives our TempControl customers another option to ship critical life-saving pharmaceuticals to any corner of the globe at the desired temperature,” said Manu Jacobs, United Cargo’s director of specialty products. “The Releye® container sets a new standard for secure cold chain transport at a time when the biopharma industry is looking for groundbreaking solutions.”

The first actively controlled container to accommodate three Euro pallets, the Releye RLP unit is ideal for shippers seeking to deliver pharmaceuticals all over the world.

The Releye RLP container is also the first of its kind to offer live data monitoring, giving United Cargo’s TempControl employees and customers valuable new insight into position, temperature, battery level, and humidity of the cargo inside.