X2 members save Air Asia plane stranded with engine failure


When an Airbus A330 operated by Air Asia X got stuck in Perth due to a mid-flight engine failure, members of the X2 Logistics Network helped transport parts from around the world to get the aircraft back in service.

Experts at AGX chartered an Ilyushin IL-76 from Kuala Lumpur International Airport and a Boeing 747 from Singapore to move with Trent 700 Rolls Royce Engine, which powers the A330.

X2 critical member Royale International chartered another 747 from Hong Kong to move the engine nose cowl weighing 11 tonnes from Xiamen to Singapore, which was then picked up by AGX to be delivered to Perth.

X2 elite member Executive Air & Sea Logistics moved the thrust reversals from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to Perth, X2 elite & projects Member JAG – UFS moved other spare parts and equipment and AWA transported remaining spare parts & equipment from the USA to Perth.

AGX key account manager, Prabhu Raken says: “I want to thank and compliment the experts at Royale International, Executive Air & Sea, JAG-UFS, AWA & AGX Philippines. They did their best and it was great to work with such professionals. Looking forward to collaborating again soon.”

X2 founder and chief executive officer, Richard Overton says: “This is an amazing shipment, and what makes it even better is seeing multiple X2 agents working together. This shows the level of professionalism within the X2 network. And it is cases like this that make me proud of having started X2.”