AmSafe Bridport making KLM/Air France pallet net zero heroes

AmSafe Bridport

AmSafe Bridport has been supplying KLM/Air France with its industry leading, lightweight and sustainable pallet net, Pallet Net Zero, for nearly a decade.

AmSafe Bridport’s partnership with KLM/Air France, one of the world’s leading air cargo carriers, began in 2013 and immediately made KLM/Air France the first air cargo carrier in the world to fully convert its fleet to Pallet Net Zero.

Pallet Net Zero is one of the lightest nets available on the market being 59% lighter than traditional polyester nets. This provides KLM/Air France with considerable savings in both fuel and carbon emissions.

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By introducing Pallet Net Zero, KLM/Air France also benefits from improved ease of operation that only a lightweight net provides – whilst still being durable, reliable and certified to TSO-C90D.

Furthermore, Pallet Net Zero is more robust than traditional polyester nets, having a service life of over five years compared to polyester nets, which are three.

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Pallet Net Zero, developed in partnership with KLM/Air France, is sustainably manufactured using biobased Dyneema which is manufactured from 100% renewable energy sources. AmSafe Bridport’s factory, where Pallet Net Zero is produced, uses solar power to generate over 2MW of power. This means Pallet Net Zero generates 79% less carbon emissions, from design to end of life, versus traditional polyester nets, making Pallet Net Zero the world’s strongest solution to greener cargo transport.

“Being one of the largest air cargo carriers in the world, we need pallet nets that can keep up with the demands of our rigorous schedules. AmSafe Bridport’s Pallet Net Zero does just that. Not only is the net stronger and lighter than nets we’ve used before, which help us save time and money, but they’re manufactured so sustainably that they’re helping us reach our green goals. We look forward to working with AmSafe Bridport for another decade,” Adriaan den Heijer, executive vice president of Air France-KLM cargo & managing director of Martinair, said.