Antonov says president stays


Antonov is denying that its president Dmytro Kiva is no longer in his position. 

In a statement on its website dated 14 August, Antonov’s press service says that: “information that Dmytro Kiva was discharged is absolutely wrong.” According to the statement, the claim that Sergii Merenkov is acting president and general designer of the Antonov company is wrong. 

In April (Air Cargo Week, 21 April) Antonov told Air Cargo Week: “Mr. Kiva was fired by Ukrainian government as president of Antonov State Aircraft Building Concern.” This concern is only part of Antonov. The corporate structure of Antonov includes, its aviation transport subdivision Antonov Airlines, a cargo carrier and the  Antonov Serial Plant that manufactures the products. The Antonov State Aircraft Building Concern unites the Antonov company with Kyiv repair plant 410 of Civil Aviation and Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing company.

In December last year, Kiva had been involved in dealings with Russia’s government for future co-operation. Discussions included production of the Anotnov An-148 and An-158. 


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