NokScoot awards ULD contract to Unilode


Thai medium-haul budget airline NokScoot has awarded a unit load device (ULD) management contract to Unilode Aviation Solutions.

Yodchai Sudhidhanakul, CEO of NokScoot says: “By commissioning Unilode for the management of NokScoot’s containers and pallets for our current fleet of five Boeing 777-200 we will receive cost-effective and professional services, which will provide us with peace of mind and allow us to focus on our core business of flying passengers. One of the key arrangements with Unilode is the replacement of NokScoot’s heavy containers with lightweight ULDs, which will take place in the first few months of our partnership.”

Benoit Dumont, CEO of Unilode says NokScoot’s network is a “great fit” for its ULD pool, and is beneficial for Unilode customers flying in North Asia and the Indian subcontinent.

He says: “NokScoot is a modern airline with appetite for innovation and has already approved Unilode’s ULDs equipped with digital tags to be carried on its aircraft while Unilode is rolling out its ULD digitalisation programme worldwide, including the reader infrastructure. We look forward to working with NokScoot and growing our partnership together.”