Airfreight’s technological transformation

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In a move designed to revolutionise the air cargo charter industry, CargoTech and CharterSync have announced a strategic partnership that brings together their expertise and innovation to drive digital transformation and efficiency in the sector. 

The partnership was born out of shared values and the mutual desire to address the gaps in digitalisation within the air cargo charter segment.

Discussions between CargoTech and CharterSync had been in the works for over a year, with the initial connection established during the IATA WCS event in London. Having found a missing link in its offerings – the air cargo charter segment, CargoTech was keen to collaborate with CharterSync.

“CargoTech aims at bringing the most relevant digital solution to each cargo business process,” CargoTech President Cedric Millet explained. “Within the CargoTech Group of companies, the charter business was still not addressed. Since CharterSync had both the business expertise and the ambition to digitalise that area of the cargo business, this was the perfect match.”

“What makes CharterSync special is the kind of innovation we are bringing to the industry,” CharterSync Co-Founder Ed Gillett said. “We are continually looking at ways to expedite and enhance the charter process, and to move those time-consuming manual tasks into the digital ecosystem.”

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Digital void

The partnership signifies CharterSync’s integration into the CargoTech family, offering an entirely new product category. The air cargo charter segment has historically lagged behind in terms of digitalisation, with operations still heavily reliant on manual procedures. 

Millet emphasised that this partnership opens avenues for enhancing value and efficiency within the charter process while Gillett pointed out that CharterSync’s innovation lies in being the first air cargo charter company to provide a fully integrated digital end-to-end booking process and management system for freight forwarders and airlines.

“The air cargo industry is such a critical component to the global economy and yet it is still one of the last industries to be fully digitised,” Gillet explained.  “Whilst we have seen great leaps forwards in the airfreight sector with the likes of CargoAi, the air cargo charter segment has to date been a very manual and inefficient subset.”

The addition of CharterSync as CargoTech’s fifth member extends a unique opportunity to forwarders and airlines. This collaboration ensures that value and efficiency improvements can be made to the charter process without compromising service quality. The expanded CargoTech ecosystem now encompasses experts from all segments of the industry, capable of addressing both the broader picture and individual customer needs.

“The addition of CharterSynce offers forwarders and airlines a unique opportunity to bring enhanced value and efficiency to their charter process without compromising on service levels,” Millet highlighted. “It further expands the CargoTech ecosystem to include experts across all segments, capable of elaborating on the big picture whilst at the same time tailoring solutions to individual customer requirements.” 

Synergy of expertise

Joining the CargoTech consortium inspires CharterSync to think bigger and aim higher. While CharterSync will continue to operate independently, the partnership provides access to diverse perspectives and expertise that can lead to innovative solutions and mutual growth. 

The pair highlighted the natural links between CharterSync and other CargoTech members that will be explored. Integrating Wiremind Cargo’s SkyPallet into CharterSync’s solution is one immediate example. 

Additionally, the partnership creates a commercial synergy, with customers of CharterSync potentially benefitting from other digital solutions developed by other CargoTech members, and vice versa.

“Joining CargoTech will enable us to collaborate with the very best digital innovators in the air cargo industry,” Gillett said. “Whilst we will be operating independently to the other members, we will have the unique advantage to pool together diverse perspectives and expertise to create innovative solutions that drive mutual growth.”

“We are very confident that this collaboration will greatly propel our growth trajectory on a global scale,” he continued. 

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Value and sustainability

CharterSync’s focus on delivering value and transforming the air cargo charter industry was shown in the unveiling of their fully integrated digital booking process and management system streamlines operations and eliminates key pain points. 

“We are continually listening to customer feedback and prioritising those areas that drive enhanced value and efficiencies to our customers,” Millet said. “This recent game-changing development has already demonstrated true transformation for the air cargo charter industry, and aggregating all information in one place enables CharterSync to eliminate a key pain point, while removing the risk of miscommunication, mislaid documentation and human error.”

Meanwhile, both CargoTech and CharterSync share a strong commitment to sustainability. Millet emphasised that sustainability is a strategic pillars for any CargoTech member, reflecting the industry’s growing concern for environmentally conscious operations.

“Any CargoTech member has sustainability as one of its strategic pillar. In today’s world, you cannot operate a company without a sustainability programme, let alone in the air cargo industry,” Millet said. 

“Whether it is by selecting the most CO2 efficient routing or aircraft, or by being able to contribute to a sustainable aviation fuel programme, the CargoTech companies will strive to contribute to a sustainable air cargo environment.”